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Plant Sale - How You Can Help

This year's sale is on Saturday, May 13th 10am - 3pm.

More than 30 types of flower and vegetable seeds have now germinated successfully and the current major task is to try to keep them alive and to grow on ready for May. The challenges of cold, wet and slugs are very evident and losses are inevitable but plenty survive at this stage.

Potted up of cuttings taken last Autumn have been moved out to the greenhouses to make room for the next generation of young plants/seedlings.

As the plants begin to mature, I would be grateful for any small plant pots ( 3-4 inches in diameter), seed trays and 6 or more compartment seedling trays.

Also, if you have any unwanted old hanging baskets, ideally with old liner, or other containers then they would also be most welcomed.

Simply leave any bits you have on our front lawn at 36 Millers Meadow. Many thanks in advance.

You are also welcomed to order plants in advance of the sale, to be either delivered to you or made available for pick up from our front garden as they become available.

Orders are always welcomed for plants (flowers and vegetable), hanging baskets or other arrangements (, 01625 573625).

Many thanks in advance.

Richard Balment

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