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Forest Chapel


St Stephen’s is the oldest of the three churches, set in the beautiful scenery above Macclesfield Forest. The chapel serves the local community and the many walkers and cyclists that come from all over the country to take a moment of peace and reflection in a place where people have worshipped for over 340 years.

If you are passing through, please do take a moment to add your name to the visitor’s book and place any prayer requests in the basket provided. We’re always glad to hear from those who have dropped by and include you in our prayers.


Forest Chapel is situated in a small hamlet, which is accessed by narrow, winding roads that can be difficult to navigate, particularly in the winter months. The entrance, however, is wide and there are no steps to navigate. Inside, the flooring is level, but fixed pews reduce wheelchair access.


There is limited parking outside the church. For larger events, more parking is available on request.


There is a single unisex toilet within the church.


Please find below a brief summary of the main services provided at Forest Chapel. There are different styles to suit a range of different tastes and temperaments. For more information regarding service times, please see the Services tab above.


Though Evensong is traditionally choral, our service is a more relaxed, prayerful and meditative one for those looking for a quiet space in amongst the busyness of life.

Light in the Forest

This is a lay-led service held every Wednesday, during which prayers are said for all those that have left prayer requests in the basket and/or filled in the visitor’s book.


This is an annual service held on the first Sunday after the 12th August, which celebrates the changing of the rushes. It is a tradition that dates back to the Middle Ages, when most buildings had earthen floors and rushes were placed on top as a form of renewable floor covering. A review of this service can be found on the Ship of Fools website.


Carol Service

The carol service at Forest Chapel is traditionally held on Christmas Eve.

**For more information about the services, including times, please see the relevant tab above**

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